A social, local mobile app to maintain and improve real world connections. 


An online service for local talent to connect with like-minded individuals to form professional groups.


A social, local network for moms to make new friends who love to help and who need help.


Next-generation automotive interior concepts that integrate advanced driver assistance systems with a broad range of possible interaction inside the vehicle.



Logo Design


Mehryar Ensemble


Ganjineh Sazane Tarikh


Donarie Furniture

Nesf-e Jahan


Mellat Bank


Smiley Buddha

Sirang Restaurant

Zibano Design Studio

Khate Sephid Group



Video/Motion Experience


A canvas to interact with my drawings! 


Introduction to "Mo"  See the full project

This is how my name "Amir" was animated!


This experimental trailer was made for an Iranian clothing factory which is famous for the usage of wide range of colors.

This experimental trailer was made with the subject of "Aids". 


Poster Design


Persian Music after 2500 years

The 2500-year-old Iranian carpet "Pazyryk carpet", the oldest carpet in the world, has the same age as Persian Music. I've got inspiration from "Pazyryk carpet" to highlight the great antiquity of Persian music.

4th Artistic and Cultural Festival of "Imam Reza"

Festival of "Imam Reza" is a Muslim religious annual event in Iran . I made the form of Islamic gold tomb with the Kufic-banaee typography.


Iranian Graphic Week

In this poster I've got inspiration from decorative tile-work of mosque, and I used the Persian typography of "Iranian Graphic week" and the English typography of "Graphic" in combination.

Perfect Motorcycle Means Perfect Spark Plug!



Book Cover

A series of book covers for the John Steinbeck's novels with the same identity.

Of Mice and Men.jpg
   The Moon Is Down

 The Moon Is Down

  Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

  The Grapes of Wrath 

The Grapes of Wrath 


 The Moon Is Down / Animated